Join TTL now!

Tied the Leader is looking to draw new members into our community. While the Gunslingers can be a tough act to infiltrate, our doors are always open to like-minded gamers who seek allies in their favorite games. You are welcome to appeal to our clan, or any of the clans in our alliance.

If you are a gamer who seeks aid and succor, you may find your best game with us. If you thrive on communication and teamwork, we would crave your voice. If you can enjoy a tactical roleplay, we would relish your contributions to our parties. If you can be proud of your opponent and admire their success, you may carry the temperament to stand beside us.

If your numeric rank is the most important measure of your reputation, we are not the community for you. If you harbor the ambitions of a prize-fighting gamer, our antics will only distract you. If your loudest weapon is your mouth, we ask that you keep it holstered. If you seek your rush through cheating or inflicting grief upon your opponents, you will not last long in our house. If you don’t like adapting to new and exciting games, we’ll be a hard act to follow.

Membership Guidelines:

  • 21 years of age. No minors in the Saloon.
  • An active gaming account for an online service.
  • A quality headset. Team Chatter is the finest asset.
  • Strict compliance with all TTL Bylaws.

Submit yourself to the Trials. Visit our forums and create a new topic as our guest.