We are the TTL Gunslingers.

We are one from many. We deal in lead.

United by a common code of conduct, we’re a clan who shares fantastic adventures through online gaming. The Gunslingers uphold our time-honored standard for sportsmanship and fair-play. We fight with honor and humor, but with an intention to carry the day. At the conclusion of a match, in either victory or defeat, you can expect to hear little else from us than “Good Game!”

This is a doorway to our forum, an unseen highway that leads to MidWorld. We bid you welcome to join our community. Be our guest. Challenge us to a match. Network with other like-minded gamers. Seek out teammates that will watch your back.

Since 2005, we’ve been building friendship and community through the games that we play. ‘TTL’ stands for Tied the Leader, an homage to the once-ubiquitous announcement of equality and balance that was heard in Halo 2, the game that first brought together our founding members. The ‘Gunslingers’ of tribute are the heroes from ‘The Dark Tower’ by Stephen King.