Remember the Face of Your Father?

A TTL Gunslinger represents an expressed mission to honor a code of conduct in an environment where rules are broken for sport. A commitment to the notion of sportsmanship is not taken lightly within our ranks. Those gamers that are invited to join our official can – or the greater TTL Community – agree to abide by the following values:

  • Everyone fights. No one quits.
  • Never delay the outcome of a match.
  • Win with grace. Lose with dignity.
  • Post game chatter: “Good Game!”
  • Modifications to hardware are prohibited.
  • Revisions to software code are verboten.
  • Exploitation of game glitches is not practiced.
  • Manipulation of network traffic is forbidden.
  • Verbal abuse of any kind is not tolerated.
  • Respect an opponent as you would respect yourself.

These guidelines are loose, and require the judgment of a gamer who possesses such. We play games the way they were meant to be played. We play to win, but we have fun. We expect the same from those that play with us, if not against us.

Conduct unbecoming of a Gunslinger will result in being Sent West.