January 14th, 2014

TTL Ranger
Welcome to the newest installment of the Gunslinger Spotlight with our very own thunder from down under – TTL Nightmare! Learn more about Nightmare’s worst nightmare, what accents he thinks are the most annoying, and that deep down inside, he’s just looking for a decent cup of tea.

FaithKeeper: Our very own Nightmare steps up to the bright lights of the Gunslinger Spotlight!
Nightmare: Thanks FK! It’s awesome be to be here.
FaithKeeper: Let’s get this shindig started properly, shall we?
Nightmare: Yes.
FaithKeeper: As is the standard, give us the story on how you settled upon Nightmare as your online moniker.
Nightmare: Oh dear, this is one of those times one would like a long anecdote of some significance… Unfortunately it is really just a matter of me being about 14 years old and thinking it was a cool name.
FaithKeeper: Ah, I made the same folly and have “kickwiz” as one of my main usernames, mainly because of my obsession with soccer in my youth.
FaithKeeper: I always find it interesting to see where gamers got their start, so how did you get into vidya games and how did that path lead you to here?
Nightmare: I’ve been playing FPS since I was 6 (GoldenEye). I loved Halo:CE, but Halo 2 on XBL was where it really started. Random luck led me to a group called Clan of Bobs before I moved on to The Panic Attacks. TPA was quite active in the Halo 2 community so I had some good interactions with Gunslingers at that time. TPA then moved to *shudder* WoW. I stuck around for a few years but I quit just before my final year of high school started because it was becoming a colossal time sink. After a while I went back to console gaming but I needed to find some new teammates. I remembered perusing a great community forum by the name of MidWorld back in the days of Halo so I dug up my old login details and I haven’t looked back since.
FaithKeeper: And we’re all the better for it!
FaithKeeper: So, I’m curious, what’s the worst nightmare you’ve ever had? Is Pony in it?
Nightmare: What!? I don’t dream about Pony… OK, well maybe once…
FaithKeeper: Haven’t we all?
Nightmare: If not, you’re missing out!
FaithKeeper: I’ll confess, I’ve had a handful nightmares involving Pony and 0-11….
Nightmare: Oh man, the K:D ratio Nightmare is a bad one.
Nightmare: As for my worst, it probably involved some kind of World of Warcraft inspired fever-dream. Don’t do MMOs kids, it’s not worth it.
FaithKeeper: It will drain you of your soul!
Nightmare: Haha, something like that.
FaithKeeper: So I hear you’re currently in college. Tell us about that.
Nightmare: Well I’m studying a Bachelor of International Relations, which is just a fancy name for a BA majoring in IR, at a place called Deakin University. I’ve had an interest in IR since I took an intro class in high school. I went straight into a BA course after high school, but I wasn’t digging it so after six months I withdrew and went straight into the workforce. But I was still interested in the subject matter, so earlier this year I applied at Deakin and was accepted into their mid-year intake! Thus far it has been awesome, having a bit of life experience under one’s [gun]belt makes a big difference.
FaithKeeper: Awesome! I’m a little unfamiliar with the structure of overseas Universities, but that sounds like you took some time off and came back like a boss. Right?
Nightmare: Pretty much, I was at a different institution previously but they were kind enough to transfer my previous credits.
FaithKeeper: Good work! So what are your plans once you graduate?
Nightmare: Well… It seems a long way off, but I’m looking pretty seriously at a career in the army. I’m currently on a list for the reserve unit near me (no ROTC here) and hopefully there’ll be a spot later this year so I can enlist and do basic after my exams. I’ve spent my last few years working as a landscaper so the idea of outdoors work with a strong dash of IR really appeals to me.
FaithKeeper: Dude that’s awesome! I didn’t know there was a waiting list to get into the army Down Under.
Nightmare: Yep, apparently the reserve units are very popular! Not sure if it is the same case with active duty though.
FaithKeeper: You mentioned landscaping, and I understand you have quite the green thumb. What landscape projects have you worked on lately and what would your ultimate garden look like?
Nightmare: My favorite project has been a property I’ve been working on for just over a year now. It’s a huge block which sits on the side of a very steep mountain so moving anything always takes that extra effort, but it is so authentically Australian. The dirt is red and the plants are native, which is a nice change from the grass and hedges look I usually see.
Nightmare: My ideal garden would involve all sorts of fruits, vegetables and herbs, with land backing onto native forest. I don’t think ‘the bush’ should be altered too much, it looks great as is.
Nightmare: And that’s a freebie.
FaithKeeper: That sounds like a kick-ass garden, man. And I’m not sure what an “authentically Australian” look is, but the way you described it, it sounds pretty glorious!
Nightmare: No problem, I’ll send some pictures! (see below)
FaithKeeper: What are some good tips you can give to someone who’s interested in gardening, but has a red (Google says it’s the opposite of green!) thumb?
Nightmare: The first thing is to do some planning, look at the space and resources you’ve got to work with and think about how you want it to look and function, don’t forget to consider things like drainage and how much sun (if any) the area will get. Then break it down into smaller jobs, it is easy to get overwhelmed if you look at the whole backyard and think “I have to do ALL of that?!”. Start small and be aware of how much time you have to work on it.
Nightmare: As far as actual horticulture tips, I’d strongly advise talking to someone at the local gardening center or looking up gardening tips/info for your area, the best practices for choosing and maintaining specific plants will depend highly on your geography.
FaithKeeper: A little bit at a time….totally do-able. Solid horticulture pro-tips!
FaithKeeper: So I think it’s pretty widely assumed that Aussies have one of the cooler accents around. In your opinion, who has the worst accents?
Nightmare: Ooh wow, that’s a tough one… I don’t think I’d call any accent the ‘worst’ but cockney has to be one of the ‘un-coolest’.
FaithKeeper: Cockney is a New Zealand accent, right?
Nightmare: Haha, nope it’s a regional british dialect.
Nightmare: Although now that you’ve mentioned the Kiwi’s I’d have to put them on the list as well.
FaithKeeper: I used to think I was pretty decent at geography until this conversation….
Nightmare: There’s geography knowledge and there’s obscure lingustic geography knowledge. You don’t really need the second one.
FaithKeeper: Fair enough. I do feel a little better now. Thank you for salvaging my ego.
FaithKeeper: As you know, we have a handful of chefs-in-the-making here at Midworld, tell us about your love of cooking and a special dish you like to make.
Nightmare: I’ve been cooking as long as I can remember and I find it a great way to relax at the end of the day. My favorite thing to cook at the moment is a ‘swordfish and green vegetable curry’. It is a bit unusual but I can’t get enough. I’ve also recently acquired a gumbo recipe from one of the Midworld chefs and I’m looking forward to making some Cajun awesomeness.
FaithKeeper: Holy hell that sounds amazing!
Nightmare: It is delicious.
FaithKeeper: OK, this next question is the real reason why you were selected for this Gunslinger Spotlight (ok, not really). When you flush, does the water go clockwise, or counter-clockwise?
(5 minutes later)
Nightmare: Well, based on rigorous scientific testing the answer is based entirely on the design of the toilet. But according to a Simpsons episode I once saw, it goes down counter-clockwise in Australia. So I don’t really know.
FaithKeeper: I always assumed it was counter-clockwise so you could balance the Earth’s gravitational movement with our clockwise flush.
Nightmare: People in the southern hemisphere would have to use the bathroom A LOT in order to balance it out.
FaithKeeper: Probably from all the exotic animals scaring the shit out of them
Nightmare: haha, exactly!
FaithKeeper: So any time a thread pops up about books, you always have some great suggestions for a good read. So if you could be any character you’ve read about in a book, whom would you be and why?
Nightmare: Hmm, this is a tough one.
I think I would have to go with Arthur Dent, from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. He spends most of his time exploring the galaxy and having all sorts of amazing encounters, but all he really wants is a decent cup of tea.
Nightmare: I’ve often complained about the inability to get a decent cup of tea so I think I’d fit the profile quite well.
FaithKeeper: Dude, it’s perfect! Too bad Mr. Dent didn’t have access to Amazon Prime…
Nightmare: Truth!
FaithKeeper: So now that you’ve joined the next generation of consoles, what are some of your favorite (or however you spell it in Australialand….favourite?) things about the Xbox One? What games are you enjoying the most right now, and what games are you looking forward to the most?
Nightmare: My favourite* feature is the voice commands. I just can’t get over how cool it is just saying something to your xbone and watching it happen. BF4 is my only xbone game right now and aside from the well discussed and publicized issues, I really like it. The actual FPS elements are a bit temperamental and you can never be 100% sure what will happen in a fight. This forces you to play smart and try and flank the opponents whenever possible. I’m also really glad it (like all xbone games) has dedicated servers as that cuts down on lag.
Nightmare: The game I’m most looking forward to is Destiny. I really have loved everything Bungie has done since Halo:CE (even Reach) and I just can’t wait to get my hands on their latest project. I’m also a big fan of the FPSRPG genre (especially The Elder Scrolls, Fallout and Borderlands series) so their blend of action and customization really has my attention. Plus the whole game is built around playing with your friends, which is perfect!
FaithKeeper: Dude, I’m on the save wavelength as you. Well said!
FaithKeeper: What do you find yourself doing the most in Battlefield 4, and which character can you see as your primary in Destiny?
Nightmare: My favorite thing in BF4 is getting that perfect maneuver behind enemy lines, setting up a beacon for my squad and then sweeping through the enemy to arm the objective. It just feels amazing.
FaithKeeper: That game sure does provide for creative tactics and instant gratification when, as Colonel “Hannibal” Smith would say, a plan comes together.
Nightmare: I’m not sure about Destiny. I haven’t seen much of the PvP yet and only a little bit of the PvE. It all looks good but I’ll wait for the Beta to comment. Class wise, I’ll play whatever can do the most damage
FaithKeeper: Considering that you technically live in the future, what does the future hold for our resident Aussie?
Nightmare: Well university (college) starts again in March, and according to the recruiter the Army Reserve should have a spot for me when the new positions open up in FY14. Plus I’m itching to get stateside to visit some of the coolest people in existence and possibly even go to a LAN… Overall, the future is looking pretty bright. Although that might just be the Aussie sun because it is freakin’ hot right now.
FaithKeeper: It’s -14 F in the Midwest. I can subconsciously hear all of our Chicago Gunslingers cursing you.
Nightmare: According to the law of conservation of energy, energy can’t disappear. So I’m thinking that all the heat which previously occupied NE America has been pushed into the southern hemisphere by the polar vortex.
FaithKeeper: All I heard was “Science, science, science…‘Murica”
Nightmare: haha, pretty much
FaithKeeper: Nightmare, thank you so much for joining us for the “Warm Winter Edition” of the Gunslinger Spotlight! Any parting words before you drop the mic?
Nightmare: Thank you for being such an awesome interviewer FK! And to all the Gunslingers out there, I’ll see you on the battlefield.
FaithKeeper: It was a pleasure!
From myself and Nightmare, we say “G’day mate! Cheers!”


Nightmare’s Aussie Garden

Nightmare's Aussie Garden