June 26th, 2013

It’s time to kick the dust off of the Gunslinger Spotlight, and what better guinea pig standup Gunslinger to put in the spotlight than our very own TTL Pony. Pony has been a fixture at Midworld since Sep. 19, 2006 (Pony’s here!), but you may not know about his brush with death or about his inner Apple Jack. So read on and enjoy getting to know the one and the only TTL Pony.

FaithKeeper: Dude. It’s time.
Pony: Dudester. I’m so ready.
FaithKeeper: The spotlight is on
Pony: *shields eyes*
FaithKeeper: Should I put my shirt back on?
Ok ok….we’re going to kick this shindig off in style….if you were a My Little Pony, which My Little Pony would you be?
Pony: Definitely Apple Jack, because it’s the first name that came up when I just Googled “My Little Pony Names.” Also? She’s an earth Pony, much like myself.
FaithKeeper: You rock lovers sure do stay loyal. Gotta love it. Ok, Apple Jack, tell us about your journey to where you are now as a gamer.
Apple Jack: Well, it started long, long ago in this galaxy right here.
Growing up, my older siblings had dabbled in gaming’s early years. We had an Atari 2600 and an NES in the house, and seeing as I was born when the NES was released in the USA, I basically grew up with it.
Flash forward to my first year of college, I discovered Xbox Live. Halo 2 was in its infancy, and the first time I heard someone’s voice through my television speakers, I knew multiplayer gaming had changed forever.
(That was TTL Cute’s voice, as a matter of fact.)
A little over a year later I read about the Gunslingers on Bungie’s front page, and the rest is… well, you know.
FaithKeeper: Halo 2 and the allure of matchmaking alongside an ol’ pal. How can you say no?
Apple Jack: Exactly. I was hooked.
FaithKeeper: Now “Pony” and “Cute” weren’t always known as Pony and Cute. How did those masculine gamertags come about?
Apple Jack: Only the strongest men can carry such delicate monikers.
Actually, the very first night I played with the Gunslingers was the night Pony was created.
FaithKeeper: I didn’t know that! Do tell….
Pony: Being the college kid I was, I had returned from a raucous night on the town, and gave my old pal “sundayisover” a call. Being 2:30AM, he was fast asleep. I convinced him to wake up, hop on Halo 2, and play some games. After a single match, I received an invite from a party of Gunslingers, and I left “sundayisover” in the lobby alone.
Pretty cold stuff, right?
FaithKeeper: Harsh!
Pony: So, the next day I’m driving back from college, and I receive a phone call from him. He was looking for friendly vengeance, and realized I had my account information on his Xbox from a previous gaming session.
He decides the gamertag “lil pink pony” would suit me, and makes the switch.
FaithKeeper: Justice has been served!
Pony: It was so bittersweet. He ended up changing his tag as well, to “cute lil pony”, and the Gunslingers thought it was hilarious. It probably helped me get in the clan.
FaithKeeper: Anyone that has the huevos to stick with those Gamertags is A-OK in my book.
FaithKeeper: Ok, get your thinking cap on for this next question. It’s a doosie…
Pony: Hit me.
FaithKeeper: Cortana, Laura Croft, Princess Zelda…..Kill, Bang, Marry. Go!
Pony: Oof. Do I have to? OK, let’s see….Can’t really bang or marry Cortana, so I reckon I’d pull the plug on her. Bang the Princess, because she’d be way too difficult to live with. I’d probably marry Laura Croft because she’d keep the mansion stocked with kickass relics from all over the world, and she can kick my ass.
Of course I have to give a shout out to my girlfriend here, though!
FaithKeeper: That was way better than any of the scenarios I played out in my head. Well played, sir!
Pony: Thank you, good sir.
FaithKeeper: This next question may very well be your favorite. If you could write the script for Scott Pilgrim Against the World 2, how would it go?
Pony: It would pit Scott against some of the nastiest baddies in the corporate workforce in his new role as “Scott Pilgrim: Accountant of Justice”.
OK so that may not exactly break the box office, but hey.
FaithKeeper: I’d go see it.
Pony: There’d be some solid boss battles!
FaithKeeper: You’ve recently moved and have some exciting things going on, so take me through an average day of Apple Jack….errrr…Pony.
Pony: Life has been on the move, you could say. In December I left my life-long state of Ohio and moved to Memphis. My new job is similar in ways to the old (still a Geologist), but I’ve been able to travel from coast to coast either drilling 900 foot holes in the ground or walking through abandoned trucking terminals. I also spend plenty of time writing hundred-page reports about those times, which is more fun than it sounds, I promise.
After work, I often kick it with the locals (including TTL Stuicide) and cook dinner with the missus.
Oh, and game. I play games, you know?
FaithKeeper: I’ve heard Memphis food is pretty damn good. Have you picked up any new cooking techniques? Our own TTL Radiomond is extremely preferential to Wolfgang Puck, as you may know.
Pony: Actually, I’ve branched out with a variety of local spices and even successfully attempted my own BBQ sauce. One day I’ll even tackle making ribs “Memphis Style”. The problem (such a good problem) with moving to Memphis is that there are so many amazing restaurants and so much good food to eat. I’ve definitely picked up some new poundage since I’ve moved here.
FaithKeeper: You made your own BBQ sauce? Incredibly cool, man. Bring a bottle of Pony Sauce to the next LAN, I gotta try some!
FaithKeeper: So I read somewhere that you don’t have an appendix, which is pretty awesome. Sounds like the makings of a good story…
Pony: Ah, my brush with death!
FaithKeeper: Oh this is going to be good….
Pony: It was right after my sister’s wedding when I was about 15 years old. I woke up the day after the celebration with some serious nausea and a bit of stomach pain. My parents, wise as they are, assume I either secretly imbibed Champagne or had stumbled into the flu.
Two more days of vomiting went by, and finally one afternoon I had a shooting pain across my abdomen. Everyone realized at the same time this wasn’t a flu, and the “get tough” state of mind was out the window. It turns out my appendix had actually been infected and was dissolving in my gut, and had they not moved me to the operating room in the 10 minutes that they did, I may not be here today!
FaithKeeper: Holy appendix, Batman!
c wut I did der?
Pony: Ell Oh Ell.
FaithKeeper: Glad you made it to the hospital in time, that’s crazy, man.
Pony: It was. They gave me a morphine button! I don’t remember the two days afterward.
On second thought, no 15-year old should be given a morphine button.
FaithKeeper: So lets fast forward to the present. A lot has been made of the battle of next gen consoles, what’s your take on the future of gaming?
Pony: Though many are taking stances and picking sides, there is plenty of time for information to be released and even policies to be changed (see Microsoft’s DRM). I think a little healthy competition between companies can do wonders regarding that “bar” being raised further and further up. With cloud-computing and powerhouse publishers backing independent gaming companies, we’ll be seeing ideas and mechanics we never knew were possible.
All that being said, I’m going where my friends go. Gaming has become a social experience, and although wonderful epics such as The Elder Scrolls series and Bioshock still spin in my disc tray, nothing keeps me coming back like hanging with the Gunslingers.
FaithKeeper: Dude, that was very, very well put. And I 100% agree. One thing is for sure – the future is bright for us gamers, especially when we have battle bros at the ready.
Pony: Damn skippy.
FaithKeeper: So from the future of gaming to the future of Apple Jack. What does the future hold for you, good sir?
Pony: I’m currently increasing my skill set and gaining as much experience as I can at my job, as well as looking to take those next steps in my personal life/relationship.
FaithKeeper: Laura Croft is going to be very jealous.
Pony: Heh. Looking longer term? Well, I reckon I’ll go where life takes me. I want a library. I also wouldn’t mind a hovercraft, geothermal electric system, maybe even a teleporter.
You said future, right?
FaithKeeper: Oh Apple Jack, you so silly.
Well the future is bright for gamers and for our own TTL Pony.
Thank you for joining for the Gamer Spotlight!
Do you have any parting thoughts for us?
Apple Jack: Thanks for taking the time, FK. I’ll see the rest of you ugly mugs in game.