July 14th, 2010

TTL RangerNever fear, Pony’s here, with another Gunslinger Spotlight for yens guys to chew on. To keep that “New Car Smell” alive, Eisen (formerly Eisenzahn) “volunteered” to be tortu-, er, interviewed. Read on!

Pony: Eisen?
Eisen: Yep whats up
Eisen: I need to get new screen names
Pony: I don’t use AIM as much lately, but I still have it.
Eisen: So whats up?
Pony: Actually, I’m eatin’ a pizza lunchable, like a boss.
Eisen: Like a boss
Pony: You ready to do this thing?
Eisen: Yep whenever you’re ready
Pony: Hell yeah. Starting off: What’s the history on the gamertag Eisenzahn?
Eisen: Actually to be honest I took it from another game I know that zues plays alot of, Final Fantasy 11. The name is actually German for “Iron Tooth” and it just sounded like a badass Halo name I suppose.
Eisen: There is a possibility I may be selling out soon though.
Pony: Will TTL Eisenzahn fit? Iron Tooth is almost too badass to change.
Eisen: I was thinking of changing it to just TTL Eisen since everyone seems to just say the first part anyway.
Eisen: Or hear the randoms say Eisenhower lol
Pony: *Insert political joke here*
Eisen: Indeed. Vote for me because what would be more awesome than a Presidential gamer
Pony: Eisen in Oh-Twelve!
Pony: Okay okay, next question…
Pony: What path did you take to get here? What brought you to Mid-world?
Eisen: A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away…wait wrong story.
Pony: *face palm*
Eisen: Actually almost two years ago now I ran into a bunch of Gunslingers in Halo 3 playing Big Team Battle and the communication just blew my mind. Best part about it everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves while the game was going on.
Eisen: So after the game later that night I was checking the profiles giving good feedback (if that really works) and noticed the website and well here I am.
Eisen: Good games Good laughs was right up my alley
Pony: See, XBL isn’t such a scary place, right?
Eisen: Depends on where you look, I hear UNO can be pretty creepy at night.
Pony: Ha! #1 reported for Xbox Live Camera “abuse”.
Pony: QUESTION 3! What is a day in life of an Iron Tooth like, anyways?
Eisen: Well not much excitement for now. Currently I’m in school getting a Bachelor’s degree in Simulation and Game Programming at one of my community colleges and hopefully if I play my cards right land a job at Bungie (Hey L askan!). That’s my dream anyway.
Eisen: Other than that spending time with friends, playing Dungeons and Dragons, (Oh no one of those guys.) family, movies, beach (Minus tourist season), and spending time with my fiance.
Eisen: Next month will actually be our 1 year anniversary for our engagement
Pony: Congratulations! Us geeks get pretty lucky sometimes, with those girls that don’t despise video games.
Eisen: Yeah tell me about it when we first started dating I thought she was lying everytime she said “I enjoy watching you play.”
Eisen: and before anyone else says it. That’s what she said.
Pony: Hahaha, ZING!

Pony: Pregunta numero quatro… What part of Tied the Leader do you appreciate most? What keeps you here?
Eisen: The comaraderie, win or lose. As long as everyone enjoys the game for the same reason its made. What more do you need?
Pony: Well put, sir. Well put.
Pony: Ok newbie, it’s time to grill you. Ready for the “Wringer”?
Eisen: This should be good.
Pony: If you could accomplish any ONE thing in your life, but only that one thing, what would you want it to be?
Eisen: To be able to accomplish more than one thing?
Pony: Steeeeeerike.
Pony: Haha.
Eisen: I suppose on a more serious note something revolutionary, something worth remembering. We all want to be remembered.
Eisen: I would have to say to be able to keep friends and family close. They have more effect on us the most would like to admit
Pony: Those are two real solid answers right there.
Pony: Okay, to shake off the serious-ness… If you had to be stuck on a desert island with one Gunslinger, which ugly mug would you pick, and why?
Eisen: Oh this could be interesting.
Eisen: I would have to say either Faithkeeper or even Hardboiled I played with them quite a bit before they even got their gunbelts and got to know them even before (Covenant voice) “The Great Journey”
Eisen: But if were talking about survival I’d bring Bear because seriously who would want to fight a bear?!
Pony: As long as there’s plenty of rum, right?
Eisen: Keep the booze coming and we won’t have any problems. Haha.
Pony: Well dude, that just about wraps it up. Any last words before this gets hacked up and edited into a completely unrecognizable plainfaced piece of web propaganda?
Eisen: Vote for me in ’12!
Eisen: If the world doesn’t end by then.
Eisen: Also on a finer note. Beware the Bush Wookies.
Pony: Bush Wookie hunting season is always in!