April 23rd, 2010

Pony: …And now, you’re at the final question. Which of course, is the wringer…
Radio:Will there be sound effects?
Pony: Just imagine an episode from “Who wants to be a Millionaire”.
Radio:Got it.
Pony: If you could achieve any goal in your lifetime, but ONLY that one goal… What would you want to accomplish?
Radio:Hmmmm….. Great question…
Pony: It’s my personal favorite.
Radio:I’d say I’d want to open my own restaurant someday…. Maybe not run the business side of it, but be the head chef. And hopefully I’d be good enough where someone would want me to open a second restaurant. The great thing about good food is that it brings people together. Good food. Good drinks. And people would come back for more. My friends would be there all the time, trying to score some free drinks, but what’s so bad about that, right? It means your friends are always around…
Radio:That would do it for me, I’d say.
Pony: That’s a damn good answer. Says some good things about you, sir.
Radio:Much obliged…
Pony: Oooone more question… for S’s and G’s
Radio:Fo’ sho’, shoot.
Pony: Imagine it’s Search and Destroy (before Ricochet mode), you’ve got the bomb a millisecond away from being planted, and all of a sudden, BAM!, Deej shoots you in the head. What’s the first thing said in the dead box?
Radio:As I craft my answer, let it be known that Deej is standing over my shoulder here in the workplace insisting, “I would never do that. I WOULD NEVER DO THAT.” That being said, and I know he would do this, my first words would be, “You m—–f—in’ c—ks—-r. Good game.”