April 23rd, 2010

Pony: So, since you mentioned you have a job or something, what is a normal day in the life of TTL Radiomond like?
Radio:Well, I’ll omit the last two days because those were FAR from normal [EDITOR’S NOTE: Ask Radio about this one], but I work for Getty Images, a full service digital media company that provides still photography, film footage, and music to the advertising, corporate marketing and media space. Oh, and I’m in Sales. Can you tell?
Pony: I sure hope you get props for plugging the company.
Radio:I doubt it. They’ll probably fire me for that.
Radio:Other than that, I’m a big baseball fan. I’m stricken with the disease of being a die-hard Cubs fan. But I’m also true to my other Chicago teams – the Blackhawks, the Bears. So if I’m not at work, I’m usually following up on them. Or I’m cooking. One of these days, my master plan involves going to culinary school and ditching the corporate space altogether
Pony: Take me with you when you do, at least out of the corporate space.
Radio:Copy that.
Pony: Okay, question 3… What part of Tied The Leader do you appreciate most? I know, totally deep question, right?
Radio:Seriously. I appreciate the people.
Radio:I’m consistently amazed at how we’ve all come together to play some video games and how, thanks to all these great people, each gaming experience is unique and always a good time. And to top it all off, everyone has something to bring to the table that can help everybody out. Buying a house? Check the forum. New headphones for your XBOX? Check the forum.
Radio:Talk about the NHL Playoffs or what you had for dinner last night that has required you to read/post on Midworld on your iPhone from the comforts of your own bathroom? Check the forum. The people make it great. That’s what I love about it.
Pony: That’s a damn good answer that most would agree with. Especially the “Checking the forums on the ‘throne’.
Radio:Best place to read up on Loco’s latest shenanigans, that’s for damn sure.
Pony: The West Coast is his playground!
Radio:Well, he’s in the business…
Pony: …and business is good.
Pony: Alright, back to the VIDJO games for one… In the upcoming Halo: Reach, which of the “specializations” are you looking forward to most? (i.e. Jetpack, Sprint, Shield, Camo)
Radio:Probably the Camo.
Radio:Mainly because the only edge I can get on anyone is if they can’t see me.
Pony:Good pick.