April 23rd, 2010

TTL RangerI was doing some spring cleaning here at Tied The Leader, and you wouldn’t believe what I found: Gunslinger Spotlights! Let’s knock the rust off these babies with an FNG, our very own TTL Radiomond!

Pony: What do you think about doin’ an interview? Eh? Eh?
Radio:I’m down. Fire away, good sir.
Pony: Excelente. First things first. What’s the back story on the gamertag TTL Radiomond?
Radio:Ah, right. I remember Deej counseling me on how to pick a good gamertag (which is weird….Xerxdeej…really?)
Radio:Anyway, I’m a huge Radiohead fan and, with my last name being Arimond, some of my friends here used to call me Radiomond whenever we’d go see Radiohead in Chicago. So it just seemed to fit.
Pony: And luckily for you, TTL Radiomond was enough characters that you didn’t have to be TTL Radio, which would have welcomed a few Cuba Gooding Jr. jokes.
Radio: Oh trust me. Stu is good for that.
Pony: I would expect no less. Now, some of us may know the answer to this one, but what brought you to the steps of Tied The Leader?
Radio:I took many calls from several agents. I said I’d either surf or ski. It was Denver or San Diego. And at the last minute, my co-worker, some guy who goes by the name of TTL Xerxdeej, made an offer I couldn’t refuse. The last game console I owned was the N64 and Deej spent two years here in the office blabbing about his Xbox and some game with a lot of spaceships and aliens and guns and warthogs… He would drop something in about somebody called a Gunslinger or how they would gather in Chicago or Florida to play a few games.
Pony: Man, that guys was weird, right?
Radio:You said it, man. Weird guy in the office – stay away from me! So I finally (and happily) caved and bought an Xbox.
Radio:Before I knew it, I’m the noob running with a full party of Gunslingers…last man standing trying to figure out how to disarm the bomb in World At War (S&D, of course) and then…..BOOM! Radiomond’s all blown up.
Pony: It’s the only way to be broken in, really.
Radio:Pretty much.