August 19th, 2009

TTL fights the world!

Well, at least a few loyal Allies.

You see, we here at Tied The Leader like Call of Duty: World at War, as as turns out we are quite alone in that. So when the rumblings from within for some organized opposition grew to painful proportions we contacted several GGN clans who have a good COD following. COD4 that is.

So we turned to those we play with on a regular basis to supply some resistance, fun and a well aimed grenade and the World at War Embassy Challenge was born.

Field promoted Captain FaithKeeper fielded his team of loyal badasses, ticktockterror, Gimmic2, Zipstor, Eisen and xXxSn1pezxXx. The TTL squad consisted of Cuteness, (MLG) Max, Balzy, Gunny, Ma Deuce 50 and Pachango. While being cheered on by their comrades from the TTL B team which won by default since nobody bothered to show up they took on the crack Embassy ‘A’ squad.

A certain Challenge Captain on TTL already had tried to sneakily sabotage the opposition and tell Gimmic that the challenge was an hour later. (I did tell him not to trust a European with timezones, I did!) So BSG Mb filled in for the first game while Gimmic was blissfully unaware his friends were taken advantage off.

Game 1: Hardcore Search & Destroy Asylum

Tight and tense, people on both teams played enough with each other to know where everybody likes to go. Offense is hard and as such the 7th, overtime round decided this one in TTL’s favor.

TTL wins: 4-3

Game 2: Hardcore Team Deathmatch Upheaval

We introduced Deathmatch for variety’s sake into the Challenge, if you asked any off the TTL guys who signed up for this. We could play HCSD all day. With the caliber of players on their team we knew the Slayer matches would be though and it showed.

Allies win: 530-488

Game 3: Hardcore Search & Destroy Nightfire

Game 3 continued where game 1 left off. 2 evenly matched teams who know the maps and routes well and have the patience to defend. The Allies got the Defense on the 7th round and took what was in hindsight the decider.

Allies win 4-3

Game 4: Hardcore Team Deathmatch Knee Deep

With next to no experience on Knee Deep with Deathmatch TTL got their lovely behinds handed to them nice and red.

Allies win: 480-240

Game 5: Hardcore Search & Destroy Castle

With the Challenge already decided both teams loaded into Castle and TTL started on Defense and went up 3-0. Then on Offense Max couldn’t conceal his pro-skills anymore any went on a mad rush cutting down the Allies from the flank and behind. TTL took the first round on Offense and closed out Castle 4-0.

TTL wins 4-0

So overall 3-2 to the Allies and it sounded like everybody had a good time with very close, tense moments in all games. The Nightfire game looked like it decided the whole affair.

Thanks to everybody who signed up.