July 22nd, 2009
Sunburned Goose

furThe Pastor of Truth ushered his virtual crusaders from Gaming By Grace into the virtual warzones of Halo 3 to demonstrate the fruits of their labor since forging a new entity to combat the Halo Nation. Some of the gamertags were familiar. Their prowess as a clan, unified under a new brand, was relatively unknown. The TTL Gunslingers took the field in answer to their challenge, curious to see how Bible Study translates to digital carnage.

Game ONE: Multi-Flag on Valhalla. Outcome: GBG wins 2-0.
Well, we didn’t let them have all of our flags. Anyone want to grant us a moral victory for sticking up for ourselves? Didn’t think so… GBG swarmed all over us in this match. Banshees rained fire from the heavens. Warthogs circled our base like sharks. Battle-riflemen dominated the map, marching as to war. When our flag left our base, it never came home. When their flag left their base… wait. Did their flag ever leave their base?

Game TWO: Neutral Bomb on Standoff. Outcome: GBG wins 3-0.
At the outset of the match, the Gunslingers had the Gracers on the run! That was, until we realized that they were taking the Spartan Laser back to their base. Once there, it wrecked every vehicle that we tried to roll. With map control like that, it was only academic that they would arm that bomb in our house repeatedly. TTL played defense for the entire match. The GBG offense was methodical and ruthless, clearing a path for three bomb carriers in rapid succession.

Game THREE: Team Slayer on Rat’s Nest. Outcome: GBG wins 100-82.
At no time did the Gunslingers tie the leader. GBG established an early lead, and held onto it for the balance of the match. There were glimmers of hope for TTL. On rare occassions, their lead shrank to 2 or 3 kills. In the end, their control of the center territories of the map, complimented by some impressive runs on the vehicles, solidified them as the victors in this bout.

Say goodnight, Gracie! And say Good Game. The Gunslingers were bested by gentlemen. These christian soldiers certainly do put the “grace” in Gaming By Grace, and they bring the game, too. Should you cross the path of this clan, don’t expect a bunch of mild altar boys. The heart of a killer beats beneath each robe.